South Platte River Rafting – Deckers

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South Platte River - Deckers Map

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South Platte River – Deckers White Water Rafting Description:

The South Platte River as it flows below Cheesman Reservoir past the small town of Deckers takes on a mild and playful character. Float fishing and walk-and-wade fishing are very popular through this section as it features only one large rapid, Chutes Rapid.

Recommended Trips on Deckers – South Platte River:

At this time, we do not have information on outfitters that offer commercial trips on this section.

Section Details

South Platte River - Deckers Map

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View Today’s Flow

South Platte River – Deckers Whitewater Rafting Details:

• Difficulty: Class II – III    What does this mean?

Class I: Easy. Mostly flat, slow moving water with the occasional
small wave. Clear passages and no severe obstacles.
Class II: Mild. Small rapids, low in difficulty with clear passages
and a few minor obstacles.
Class III: Moderate. Numerous, medium sized waves. Clear, narrow passages requiring maneuvering. Rapids with rocks, creating some severe obstacles.
Class IV: Difficult. Rapids are long, with powerful waves and rocks creating potentially dangerous hazards. Precise maneuvering through narrow and/or rock-choked passages.
Class V: Extreme. Difficult, long and violent rapids, close together in distance. Big, powerful drops, along a steep gradient through forceful currents. Pinpoint precision maneuvering through tight passages and around frequent severe obstacles.
Class VI:Considered unrunnable! Do not attempt. Waterfalls and other unavoidable life-threatening hazards.

• Elevation: 6407′ to 6096′
• Avg. Gradient: 19.4′ per mile

Deckers to Bridge Crossing Picnic Ground (Platte River Campground) 4.0
Bridge Crossing Picnic Ground (Platte River Campground) to Scraggy View Picnic Ground 4.2
Scraggy View Picnic Ground to Willow Bend Picnic Ground 1.8
Willow Bend Picnic Ground to Confluence with North Fork 6.0

Area Map

South Platte River - Deckers Map

It is forcast to be Clear at 7:00 PM MDT on March 17, 2017



GPS Coordinates to Deckers Access Points – South Platte River:

  • Deckers Access:39.254139,-105.227147
  • Bridge Crossing Picnic Ground Access:39.291133,-105.207074
  • Scraggy View Picnic Ground Access:39.327775,-105.187384
  • Willow Bend Picnic Ground Access:39.342867,-105.178827
  • Confluence with North Fork Access:39.407956,-105.170649

Cities Near the Deckers Section:

  • Deckers & Woodland Park

Note that the above coordinates provide a point nearest the access point, and may or may not provide accurate directions when used as a starting or ending point as many of them do not have an address associated with them.

South Platte River Rafting – Deckers Section Access Points:

Self-Guided Info

South Platte River - Deckers Map

Information for South Platte River Self-Guided Boaters:

The South Platte River is in the Pike National Forest and is managed by the U.S. Forest Service.

  • Boating Permit Required: NO
  • Permit Details: No fee of any kind is required to float the river within the National Forest on public lands.
  • River Manager: US Forest Service – South Platte Ranger District
    19316 Goddard Ranch Court, Morrison, CO 80465
    303.275.5610 ~ www.fs.usda.gov/main/psicc


  • At this time we are still collecting information on shuttle services for the Deckers section of the South Platte River.